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  • Property, Wills and Trusts

Research interests

Lucas has always had a keen interest in history and thus has adopted a legal history approach to research. As a result of having studied and worked in multiple jurisdictions his work also has an inherently comparative slant drawing upon legal sources from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. His main areas of interest are trusts, property, dispute resolution, international investment law, legal history (with a particular focus on the common law), and legal theory (primarily the classical legal tradition). His work has been cited by the Court of Appeal.


Lucas obtained his undergraduate law degree from the University of Aberdeen in 2010, his LLM from the University of Edinburgh and his doctorate in law from McGill University. Prior to taking up his position at Otago he worked as a Postdoctoral associate in the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution which is part of Cornell University’s ILR School where he designed and taught a course on alternative dispute resolution.


Clover Alcolea, L., & Mihal, J. (2023, December). The tiptoe to crypto: An analysis and account of property rights in cryptocurrency [Invited]. Verbal presentation at the Private and Commercial Law Annual Conference, Perth, Australia. Conference Contribution - Verbal presentation and other Conference outputs

Clover Alcolea, L. (2023). States as masters of (investment) treaties: The rise of joint interpretative statements. Chinese Journal of International Law, jmad030. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1093/chinesejil/jmad030 Journal - Research Article

Clover Alcolea, L. (2023). 'Reform, reform: Aren't things bad enough already?': The case of the Trusts Act 2019. Journal of Equity, 17, 93-120. Journal - Research Article

Clover Alcolea, L. (2023). The problem of property: Looking back to the 'Dark Ages' to get through the dark ages. University of St. Thomas Journal of Law & Public Policy, 16(1), 11, 241-299. Journal - Research Article

Clover Alcolea, L. (2023). Federalism and the arbitration of consumer and employment disputes in the United States and Canada: The road not taken? Alberta Law Review, 60(3), 755-794. Journal - Research Article

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