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Otago's Faculty of Law is a leader in legal research in New Zealand, with strong links to international research networks. Our research community consists of top-quality academics and postgraduate students from New Zealand and overseas, with a strong record of publications.

Our research interests engage with a wide range of areas, such as access to justice, animals in the law, bioethics and health law, environmental law, international human rights law, te Tiriti o Waitangi | Treaty of Waitangi, and workers' compensation/ ACC.

We host many multi-disciplinary, local and international research projects.

Staff areas of research

Faculty of Law journals

We produce and edit a peer-reviewed journal, the Otago Law Review ( OLR ). We also produce the Otago Yearbook of Legal Research ( OYLR ), which includes top honours students' publications.

The Otago Law Review

Otago Yearbook of Legal Research

Faculty of Law students and the New Zealand Law Students Journal

Students from the Faculty are also involved in producing the New Zealand Law Students Journal.

Research collection in the Otago University Research Archive

The Otago University Research Archive (OUR Archive) provides public access to University of Otago research outputs, including Faculty of Law academics and postgraduates.

Law on OUR Archive

Faculty of Law research centres

The Faculty of Law is home to the following research centres:

Faculty of Law research projects and other initiatives

There are a number of significant current and completed research and other projects based in the Faculty.

Current projects

Completed projects

Faculty of Law hosted lectures

The following Faculty of Law lecture recordings are available on YouTube.

Speaker Lecture title
Alice Irving
Downie Stewart Law And Society 2023
Activist lawyers: Public Law as a tool for social justice
Lecture on YouTube
Natalie Coates
Downie Stewart Law and Society Lecture
How can we protect the integrity of tikanga in the Lex Aotearoa endeavour?
Lecture on YouTube
Anita Chan KC
2022 FW Guest Memorial Lecture
Children's Rights, Neuroscience and the Family Justice System. Are we getting it right?
Lecture on YouTube
Honourable Justice Sir Joe Williams
2021 FW Guest Memorial Lecture
Decolonising the law in Aotearoa: Can we start with the law schools?
Lecture on YouTube
Susan Lamb
United Nations International Criminal Tribunals
Accountability for serious international crimes committed during the Syrian conflict
Lecture on YouTube
Salote Kaimacuata
Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Pacific
Pacific's Small Island Developing States' Child Protection systems
Lecture on YouTube
Professor Stephen Smith
Faculty of Law, McGill University
Rights, wrongs, and injustices: The structure of remedial law
Lecture on YouTube
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