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Getting into second-year Law, and information and requirements for third-and fourth-year Law

Information for current students about getting into second-year Law, requirements for third- and fourth-year Law, and other relevant information.

Law papers offered during 2023 Otago Summer School

The University of Otago's Summer School runs from early January to late February each year.

The Faculty of Law offers Law papers as part of the Summer School programme, in Wellington and Dunedin. All of the papers are 400-level and generally require pre-requisite papers. However, you can apply for special entry:

Law Course Advice

University of Otago Summer School website

Compulsory papers at 100-, 200- and 300-level

100-level papers

200-level papers

Full year

300-level papers

Full year

400-level papers

Elective papers offered at 300- and 400-level in 2023

Semester 1 2023

Semester 2 2023

* Can be taken in either semester 1 or semester 2.

Elective papers offered at 300- and 400-level in 2024

Note: This is the list of papers expected to be offered in 2024, but the individual paper pages (linked from each paper name) currently display information for 2023.

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