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Information about the Library. Including Strategic Directions, policies and annual activity reports.

Library Strategic Directions


Annual activity reports

 Jan-Dec 2015Jan-Dec 2016Jan-Dec 2017
Books added to collection13,95612,56212,741
Hocken pictures and photos added to collection8844744,315
Hocken archival items received (linear metres)84.08143.5993.64
Print serials subscriptions3,2472,9152,855
Electronic serials available171,199152,490169,530
Accessible ebooks744,321779,443850,783
Published material lending217,146201,252177,976
Hocken archival and other material lending24,96824,25921,361
Full text downloads3,087,7973,928,2453,337,166
Subject guides accessed242,824232,292232,482
eReserves accessed103,788unavailable375,370
Website views9,751,7269,810,4659,922,330
Digital image collections page views301,104310,925262,993
Artwork loans to other institutions878114
Hocken media coverage211744
Exhibition visitors (Hocken & Special Collections)6,8878,7007,815
Total visits to all Libraries (gate count)2,554,3482,949,3943,187,869


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