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Gabi Dachs and Elisabeth Phillips in the lab thumbnailWe are a vibrant research group of students, scientists and clinicians studying aspects of cancer along the entire cancer continuum, from prevention to risks to treatment. We approach cancer-specific scientific and clinical questions in multidisciplinary teams, utilising cutting-edge molecular approaches, international data and connections, and observational and intervention clinical studies.

We are located in the Department of Pathology and Biomedical Science at the University of Otago, Christchurch. Our campus is located next to Christchurch Hospital. The proximity to the hospital allows genuine translation between laboratory investigations and clinical concerns via close collaboration between scientists and clinicians.

The Mackenzie Cancer Research Group incorporates the Cancer Society Tissue Bank (CSTB) which is a biorepository for human cancer tissues founded in 1996. The high-quality patient samples from the CSTB form the foundation for many of our laboratory-based investigations.

Arthur Morley-Bunker in the lab thumbnailThe Mackenzie Charitable Foundation has supported our research since 2010, when they endowed the Mackenzie Chair in Cancer Medicine to Professor Bridget Robinson, medical oncologist and the clinical director of the Mackenzie Cancer Research Group.

Our research group was established in 1998 as the Angiogenesis Research Group. We investigated the role of newly formed blood-vessels in cancer. Since then our focus has broadened to encompass all aspects of cancer pathology, from genetic risk factors to tumour biology and improving cancer treatment.

Mackenzie Cancer Research Group Nov 2019

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