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Room: OBS 206


Exploring Entrepreneurial Orientation among indigenous entrepreneurs: With focus on Maori private entrepreneurs in New Zealand.


Ruth's supervisors are:

Research Outline

Most indigenous communities view "entrepreneurial activity" as central in the achievement of socio-economic goals and nation rebuilding. However, not all indigenous groups are successful economically and there is a low rate of entrepreneurialism based on recent statistics. Some authors attribute this to culturally insensitive policies, resource availability and misaligned entrepreneurship intervention programmes by government and agencies.

However, one factor that remains un-explored is the indigenous entrepreneurs' orientation and its influence on new venture creation and development. Several studies have focused on theorising the field of indigenous entrepreneurship but, this research focuses on extending these existing studies in order to develop an indigenously informed view of EO-Indigenous Entrepreneurial Orientation (IEO). Six factors are considered as salient to an IEO based on previous studies in indigenous entrepreneurship- Indigenous worldview, self-determination, social network, government policies, economic factors and market opportunities. The outcomes will contribute to the discussions on ways to encourage more viable start-ups among indigenous entrepreneurs. It will also have implications for agencies and policy makers who want to address issues on indigenous economic development.


  • BSc (Nigeria)
  • MSc (Business Development and Internationalisation) (Sweden)

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