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Why study for a DipGrad in Human Resource Management?

The one year Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) Endorsed in Human Resource Management offers you a great opportunity to diversify your current degree - effectively adding a further major, retrain, or update your existing qualifications and provides a useful entry point into the HR profession.

You may also find the DipGrad in Human Resource Management a useful bridge to postgraduate study.

The structure of the Diploma for Graduates has several benefits. It provides a specialised qualification for students looking to pursue a career in Human Resource Management. It also provides a portfolio of people-management skills for those autonomous professional practitioners who have completed an undergraduate qualification in another field. This qualification has the benefit of offering students who have majored within other disciplines/fields the opportunity to undertake a transitional qualification which can then act as a platform for postgraduate studies within the field of Management.

Programme requirements

*prerequisites waived

Looking to Study for a postgraduate qualification?

Postgraduate study is an option for outstanding DipGrad students who do at least 72 points at 300-level with B+ average.

What are the entry requirements for a DipGrad in Management?

Admission to the course is subject to the approval of the Senate. Candidates for the DipGrad must have either:

  • Been admitted to a degree or a diploma of a University in New Zealand


  • Submitted evidence satisfactory of previous training and experience appropriate to the planned course of study

Contact the DipGrad Course Director

To gain entry to the DipGrad in Management programme you will need approval from the DipGrad Course Director and the Head of Department in Management.

For further information on the DipGrad application process, please email:

Read more information on the Diploma for Graduates programme.

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