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Refereed papers

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    doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2017.00138
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Public seminars

  • Broughton, J. (2013). Te Kaupeka Pūniho: The Faculty of Dentistry. Proceedings of the Leaders in Indigenous Medical Education Conference: LIME Connection V: Re- imagining Indigenous Health Education: Harnessing Energy,Implementing Evidence, Creating Change., (pp. 100). Retrieved from
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Media releases

  • Broughton, J.R., Anderson, V., Lawrence, M., Steinman, M., Nichol, J., Wright, S., Johnson, R., Johnson, M., McGibbon, M., Laing, B., and Hikairo, P. “Oranga niho me ngā tangata whaiora. Oral health and Māori mental health patients.” Research report, University of Otago, September 2013. Released June 1. 2015.
  • Broughton, J.R. “A decade of dental student community engagement in Rotorua.” NZDJ March 2013, 24-25.
  • Thomson, W.M., Ayers, K. and Broughton, J.R. “Child oral health inequalities in New Zealand. A background paper to the Public Health Advisory Committee, 2003.” In Improving Child Oral Health and Reducing Child Health Inequalities. Report to the Minister of Health from the Public Health Advisory Committee. National Advisory Committee on Health and Disability, Wellington, May 2003.

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