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The University of Otago has ongoing fish-tagging programmes throughout Otago-Southland. The success of this research relies on you. We need you to send us as much information as possible when you catch a tagged fish. With your help we can determine how many fish are out there, where they live and how fast they grow. This information will help support more robust management of our small scale, locally important fisheries.

Currently we have tagging programs in:

  • East Otago
  • North Otago

If you have any questions about this research please contact Gaya by email.

Tag Number


Please provide as much information as possible. This submission form below is anonymous but should you wish to receive feedback on your tagged fish please provide your contact details below in the space provided.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
GPS position would be ideal but if this is not available, a rough position will suffice (e.g. 1km east of Brinn's Point).
Measured from the tip of the nose to the middle ray of the tail fin.
Species caught and number
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