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For information on safety requirements when diving as part of University of Otago teaching or research and to submit a dive plan for approval, please refer to the webpage:


Key contact

Niall Pearson
University of Otago Dive Officer

Field planning

The online Field Plan form must be used for any field work that does not involve diving and vessels. Please fill out the form if you are wanting to carry out fieldwork and allow up to 5 working days for approval.

If you have questions about upcoming fieldwork, please contact:

Will Pinfold (Field Technician)

Oceanographic and Field Equipment

The Department of Marine Science carries a range of oceanographic and field equipment for use. Please view the calendar linked below to determine availability.

Check availability

If you wish to book equipment and set up an account, please contact:

Bob Dagg

Vessel bookings

For general advice on research requiring University of Otago vessels, email:

Professor Steve Wing
Vessel Manager Committee Chair

Key steps for University of Otago staff to book a vessel

1. Check Vessel information and Equipment Rates (PDF) for the description of the vessels and additional information. Please refer to Small Vessels Rates and Large Vessel Rates for pricing. Please use the Boat Cost Calculator for your convenience.

2. Check the availability of the vessel you require. To access the Marine Science vessels shared calendars in Outlook/Webmail:

  • Right-click on the Shared Calendars header under My Calendars
  • Go to the Add Calendar option and select how you want to open the calendar
  • Open Shared Calendar – click on Name to find an email address in the address book, or type an email address directly into the box:
  • RV Naiad:
  • RV Polaris II:
  • RV Tuhura:
  • Moki:

3. Complete and submit the vessel booking and cruise plan form.
Vessel booking form and cruise plan

4. The cruise plan form will be submitted to the vessel management committee for consideration. Ideally this will occur two months prior to your proposed cruise. You should expect feedback and/or approval within two weeks. We need at least a two-week notice of your request to allow time for processing.

5. If all is in order, your vessel booking and cruise plan will receive final approval within a week.


From the wharf-cam at Portobello check out the harbour and island views.  See what boats are in and what's going on at the end of the wharf.

Find out what is happening on the wharf today via the webcam

Photos of the vessels for hire

Large vessel

Polaris 2 boat vessel on the water image
RV Polaris II.

Small vessels

Tuhura small boat vessel on the water image
RV Tūhura.

Naiad small boat vessel on the water image
RV Naiad.

Moki small boat vessel on the water image
RV Moki.

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