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  1. Join Flickrusing your Otago email address.
  2. Go to your own new Flickr page and click on your account (the circle icon at the top right of the page – by default it's a camera icon).
  3. Click on Settings in the drop-down menu.
  4. On Account settings page click on Privacy & Permissions.
  5. Halfway down this page under Global settings is 'Who can see what on your profile'.
  6. Click on 'Edit' to the right.
  7. On the 'Your account/Your profile privacy page', under 'Who can see what?' please change Email address, Real name, Current city all to 'People you follow' then click SAVE CHANGES.
  8. Search for 'University of Otago Photographer' on Flickr after you have joined, or go to and follow the account.
  9. Wait for the Photographer to see your request and accept you into the group.
  10. Once you're in the group, you'll have full access to see all images and download any you want to use. Please leave a comment next to the photo to state where you intend to use it – this gives other users a record of use.
  11. After you have been accepted into the group, type the word "help" in the search field for user instructions.

Finding an image

University of Otago Photographer Image Gallery

Option 1: Browse

Set the order to either 'date uploaded' or 'date taken' and scroll through the images in the photostream. If you're unsure how to download full resolution images, search 'help' in the photostream and you'll find an image containing further instructions and terms of use.

Option 2: Search

Enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar at the top right of the page. The top row of results will be a limited selection of photos from the University photostream that match your search criteria. Click 'View all' to see all available photos that match your search criteria.

Ignore the results that appear below the top row. These are images from the wider Flickr community and shouldn't be used for University purposes.

Downloading an image

Click on the desired image so it appears in full screen. Refer to the comment area below the image and any watermarks to determine if the image can be used for your purposes. If OK, use the download arrow (bottom right) and select the desired size to download to your computer.

Important: After downloading an image, leave a comment in the comment box indicating where you intend to use the photo. This will help ensure images are not overused.

Terms of use

Access to the University of Otago Flickr Image Library is free and subject to the following terms and conditions.


All images in this Library are approved for use in University of Otago publications, websites and communications.

Any use outside of these purposes must be approved by the Manager Marketing Content and Publications.

A watermark or comments included with the image record may indicate further conditions of use which must be followed.


The University of Otago retains the use, copyright, and licensing to all images. You may not sell or distribute any image obtained from the University of Otago Flickr Image Library.

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