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History is etched in every corner of the city of Chennai. While the city was the seat of power for many South Indian kingdoms through the ages, the documented history of the city began in the colonial times when the British stepped on the shores of Chennai and settled with the establishment of Fort St. George in1644. Chennai played a theatre of battle between the British, and the French colonial forces and also the kingdom of Mysore. Here are few noted list of sure-to-be checked in places in and around Chennai for also which maps are available. Enjoy the stay!

City Museum, Egmore

Egmore Museum, established in 1851, is located in Egmore, Chennai. Known as the Madras Museum, the museum is the second oldest museum in India, the first being the Indian Museum at Kolkata .It was started in 1814. It is also one of the largest museums in South Asia. It is particularly rich in archaeological and numismatic collections. It has the largest collection of Roman antiquities outside Europe.

Valluvar Kottam, Kodambakkam

The monument was constructed in 1976 in the memory of Thiruvalluvar, who wrote his famous Thirukkural about 2,000 years ago. All the 133 chapters of the Thirukkural which include 1330 verses are inscribed on bas-relief in the front hall corridors. The construction of Valluvar Kottam is like a temple chariot, and it is a replica of the temple chariot in Thiruvarur.

The Shrine of San Thome Basilica, Santhome

San Thome Basilica is a Roman Catholic (Latin Rite) minor basilica in Santhome, in the city of Chennai (Madras), India. It was built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, over the supposed tomb of St Thomas, an apostle of Jesus. In 1893, it was rebuilt as a church with the status of a cathedral by the British. The British version still stands today. It was designed in Neo-Gothic style, favoured by British architects in the late 19th century.

Fort St. George

Fort St George is the name of the first English (later British) fortress in India, founded in 1644 at the coastal city of Madras, the modern city of Chennai. The construction of the fort provided the impetus for further settlements and trading activity, in what was originally an uninhabited land. The fort currently houses the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly and other official buildings.

Dakshin Chitra

Dakshinchitra is an attempt to preserve some of the traditional south Indian ways of life by constructing a "living" village containing some of the various traditional homes of south India. Dhakshinchitra, open to public from December 1996, is a heritage village where the unique lifestyle of Indians is revived based on their states.


Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram is a town in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is around 60 km south from the city of Chennai. It is an ancient historic town and was a bustling seaport during the time of Periplus (1st century CE) and Ptolemy (140 CE). Ancient Indian traders who went to countries of South East Asia sailed from the seaport of Mahabalipuram.
By the 7th century it was a port city of South Indian dynasty of the Pallavas. It has a group of sanctuaries, which was carved out of rock along the Coromandel coast in the 7th and 8th centuries : rathas (temples in the form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries), giant open-air reliefs such as the famous 'Descent of the Ganges', and the Shore Temple, with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva. The group of monuments at Mahabalipuram has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Approximate Auto Fares

• Chennai Airport to University of Madras : Rs.500/- ( Rs. 25 per Km minimum)
• Chennai Central to University of Madras : Rs. 75/-
• Chennai Egmore to University of Madras: Rs.90/-
• Koyambedu CMDA bus terminus to University of Madras: Rs.260/-
• Hotel Park Sheraton to University of Madras: 170/-
• Hotel Vivanta by Taj to University of Madras: 80/-

** Above said fares applicable only when Auto abides by the meter. Please demand the autos to use the meter while driving.

Cabs around the city

To know the approximate fare per km for a cab to travel around the city, please follow,

To book a taxi wherever inside Chennai for only Rs. 49/- please follow,

Other Cab contact numbers

• Fast Track Call taxi:

044 6000 6000
044 2888 9999
044 2473 2020

• NTL Call Taxi :

0444 3000 3000

• Bharathi Call Taxi :
044 3000 2000

• Yellow Call Taxi:

044 4040 3030
044 2346 2020

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