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Taking specified papers in Film and Media studies at each level of your degree will allow you to gain a minor degree in the subject.
Incorporating a minor into your degree is not compulsory, however it is one way to make your additional points count toward development and recognition of skills in a discipline complimentary to your major subject.

What is a Minor?

Minor subject requirements

Film and Media Studies as a minor subject for a BA, MusB, BPA, BTheol, BSc, BAppSc, BCom, BHealSc or BASc degree

Available as a minor subject for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Music (MusB), Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA), Bachelor of Theology (BTheol), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Health Science (BHealSc), or Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree


MFCO 101, MFCO 102


Above 100-level

MFCO 210 Theory of Film and Media

Two further MFCO papers, of which one must be above 200-level

Note: GEND 205 or 305 or CHIN 242 or 342 may be substituted for one MFCO paper at the same level.


Total   90

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2023 Calendar and supplementary material.

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