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Rosie Brown Sharon Ladyman Teo Georgescu Dave Grattan July 2022 thumb

04 Jul 2022

Mood, appetite, and breathing – 3 new projects at the Centre

Professor Dave Grattan, Dr Rosie Brown, Dr Sharon Ladyman and Dr Teodora Georges...

Caroline Decourt OMSRS Award_thumb

28 Jun 2022

When female brains listen too much to testosterone

Dr Caroline Decourt from the Anderson group has won the 2022 OMSRS Research Staf...

Alex Tups 2022_thumb

03 Jun 2022

What have fat and wounds in common?

Associate Professor Alexander Tups has been awarded an Explorer Grant by the New...

Teo Georgescu 2022_thumb

26 May 2022

Publication Prize for PNAS Paper

Dr Teodora Georgescu has won the 2021 HNNA publication award in the postdoc cate...

Joon Kim and Michael Perkinson in the CNE lab_thumb

17 Dec 2021

Two awards at PSNZ Prize Forum

At the 2021 Prize Forum of the Physiological Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) Dr Jo...

Aisha Sati with CNE PhD Prize trophy Nov 2021_thumb

23 Nov 2021

CNE PhD Prize for microglia research on polycystic ovary syndrome

PhD student Aisha Sati from the Campbell group has won the 2021 CNE PhD Prize fo...

Rosie Brown Sharon Ladyman Joon Kim in the CNE lab_thumb

15 Nov 2021

Three Marsden grants for the Centre

Drs Rosie Brown, Sharon Ladyman, and Joon Kim have received Marsden Fund grants...

Greg Anderson and Caroline Decourt Sept 2021_thumb

16 Sep 2021

MBIE support for development of new mammal-specific pest eradication strategy

Prof Greg Anderson and Dr Caroline Decourt have received MBIE funding for develo...

Mohammed Rizwan Dave Grattan Jenny Clarkson Alex Tups June 2021_thumb

28 Jul 2021

Two HRC project grants for the Centre

Researchers around Professor David Grattan from the Centre for Neuroendocrinolog...

Clocktower thumbnail

27 Jul 2021

27 July 2021, Otago proud to pledge to openness in animal research

The University of Otago is proud to be an inaugural signatory of an agreement wh...

Kristina Smiley and Teodora Georgescu March 2019_thumb

24 Jun 2021

OMSRS Speaker Prize for parental behaviour research

CNE postdocs Kristina Smiley and Teodora Georgescu take home first and second pl...

03 Dec 2020

Researchers find “missing link”

Otago researchers have found the “missing link between stress and infertility”.

Rosie Brown Judith Swart Dave Grattan with CNE PhD Prize trophy 2020_thumb

27 Nov 2020

CNE PhD Prize for research on the reward of motherhood

Judith Swart from the Rosie Brown lab won the 2020 CNE PhD Prize for her PhD the...

R Campbell_thumb

27 Nov 2020

Distinguished Researcher Award for Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell

The School of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Otago has awarded Associa...

CNE staff and students with award trophy_thumb

23 Nov 2020

CNE awarded for Postgraduate Research Culture Excellence

The CNE has been awarded the University of Otago’s 2019 Postgraduate Research Cu...

Drs Yip Smiley and Iremonger Nov 2020_thumb

11 Nov 2020

Three Marsden grants for the CNE

Drs Karl Iremonger, Kristina Smiley and Joe Yip have received Marsden grant fund...

Elodie Desroziers 2020_thumb

02 Nov 2020

Unusual suspect: Could deficient 'brain glue' make you infertile?

Dr Elodie Desroziers has been awarded the Hercus Fellowship by the New Zealand H...

Prof Dave Grattan, Dr Rosemary Brown and Dr Kristina Smiley thumbnail

07 Sep 2020

Breastfeeding hormone makes new fathers better dads

Breastfeeding hormone makes new fathers better dads. Study from the University o...

Dave Grattan and Rosie Brown June 2020_thumb

01 Jul 2020

Why mothers care: New study on how pregnancy hormones change the brain

Dr Rosie Brown and Prof Dave Grattan receive funding for a new project investiga...

Joon Kim BHRC emerging researcher prize_thumb

17 Jun 2020

Positive stress - emerging researcher wins prize for stress studies

Dr Joon Kim from the Iremonger lab has been awarded the emerging researcher priz...

Kaj Kamstra with zebrafish tank 2019_thumb

26 Feb 2020

Zebrafish study continues to attract awards

Kaj Kamstra from the Tups Lab won the young investigator award for his PhD thesi...

Karl Iremonger in the lab_thumb

20 Nov 2019

Carl Smith Medal for Karl Iremonger

Senior lecturer Karl Iremonger has been awarded the University of Otago’s Rowhea...

Dave Grattan and Rosie Brown 2019 thumb

12 Nov 2019

A lactation hormone in males?

Prof Dave Grattan and Dr Rosie Brown have attained Marsden grant funding for res...

Kaj Kamstra CNE PhD Prize 2019_thumb

06 Nov 2019

A fat hormone that regulates blood sugar

The 2019 CNE PhD Prize has been awarded to Kaj Kamstra from the Tups lab for his...

Shivani Sethi_thumb

10 Oct 2019

The brain's control over diabetic hearts

PhD student Shivani Sethi, co-supervised by Prof Colin Brown, wins the OMSRS PhD...

MedSci 2019 prize winners

09 Sep 2019

Sextuple success by CNE trio

CNE members dominate the 2019 HNNA and MedSci meetings during Queenstown researc...

Karl Iremonger Dave Grattan_thumb

05 Jul 2019

HRC grant to investigate stress in motherhood

Karl Iremonger and Dave Grattan have received funding from the Health Research C...

Bradley Jamieson microscope_thumb

12 Jun 2019

Student success at the 2019 BHRC Symposium

PhD students Bradley Jamieson and Shivani Sethi won awards for their oral and po...

Kaj Kamstra looking at zebrafish_thumb

30 May 2019

Student wins prize for work on zebrafish

Kaj Kamstra, PhD student with Alex Tups wins prize for 3-minute presentation on...

Eleni Hackwell_thumb

01 May 2019

CNE student awarded for report on summer research project

Eleni Hackwell from the Grattan Lab has been awarded the Summer Research Scholar...

Kristina Smiley and Teodora Georgescu March 2019_thumb

13 Mar 2019

Two postdocs successful in attaining research support

Drs Kristina Smiley and Teodora Georgescu have been awarded project support gran...

Richard Piet profile_thumb

12 Mar 2019

Researcher Profile - Dr Richard Piet

Dr Richard Piet researches how the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the brain’s circadia...

Christine Jasoni with skeleton_thumb

04 Feb 2019

Researcher Profile - Associate Professor Christine Jasoni

Associate Professor Christine Jasoni is a developmental biologist studying the e...

Karl Iremonger_thumbnail

04 Jan 2019

Researcher Profile - Dr Karl Iremonger

Dr Karl Iremonger’s team work on corticotrophin-releasing hormone (CRH) neurons...

Allan Herbison tn

12 Dec 2018

Researcher Profile - Professor Allan Herbison

Professor Allan Herbison does research on gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)...

Joon Kim 2018_thumb

04 Dec 2018

Neurological Foundation awards fellowship to CNE postdoc

Dr Joon Kim from the Iremonger lab has secured 2 years more funding from the Neu...

04 Dec 2018

Otago researchers discover a promising therapy for improving heart attack survivorship

Otago researchers discover a promising therapy for improving heart attack surviv...

Dr Rosie Brown_thumbnail

26 Nov 2018

Dr Rosie Brown is new Sir Charles Hercus Fellow

Dr Rosie Brown has just been awarded the Sir Charles Hercus Health Research Fell...

Bradley Jamieson PhD Dave Grattan 2018

19 Nov 2018

A week of prizes, posters and lectures for the CNE

CNE students and postdocs won multiple prizes during a week filled with events l...

Dave Grattan_thumbnail

13 Nov 2018

Prof. Dave Grattan new CNE Director

Professor Dave Grattan takes over CNE directorship from Prof. Allan Herbison; As...

Dr Rosie Brown_thumbnail

18 Oct 2018

CNE young researcher recognised through early career award

Dr Rosie Brown just won the University of Otago Early Career Award for Distincti...

R Campbell_thumb

10 Oct 2018

Researcher Profile - Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell

Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell's lab works on the neural circuits that con...

India Sawyer_thumbnail

07 Sep 2018

PhD student receives MacGibbon Fellowship

India Sawyer, PhD student with Professor Greg Anderson, has just been awarded th...

Stephen Bunn slide 2017_thumbnail

03 Sep 2018

Researcher Profile - Associate Professor Stephen Bunn

Associate Professor Stephen Bunn performs research on the release of catecholami...

QRW 2018 CNE prize winners_thumbnail

31 Aug 2018

Smart and looking good - CNE researchers take home range of prizes

CNE researchers won 3 academic prizes at the Medical Sciences Congress at the Qu...

Colin Bown thumbnail

07 Aug 2018

Researcher Profile - Professor Colin Brown

Professor Colin Brown works on how the brain controls various body functions suc...

Jasoni Campbell Anderson thumb

22 Jun 2018

$5 million boost for Otago team’s quest to restore fertility in women with disabling ovary disorder

$5 million boost for Otago team’s quest to restore fertility in women with disab...

PCOS thumb

09 Apr 2018

New clues to help restore fertility in women with disabling ovary disorder

Ground-breaking research out of the University of Otago is showing potential to...

Dahlia thumb

07 Feb 2018

First human trial of potentially game-changing diabetes treatment set to commence

University of Otago researchers are ready to take a significant step in the deve...


10 Nov 2017

Landmark study from Otago clarifies brain's role in fertility control

Crucial new information about how the brain controls fertility has been unlocked...

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