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CNE Lecturers

Each year we invite an international guest to be our CNE Lecturer. Our CNE Lecturers are experts in the field of neuroendocrinology, whose expertise and experience helps to enrich our research and further the education of our early career researchers.

Visiting colleagues (2020-2003)

2020 visiting colleagues

Chuck Roselli 2020_thumbnailCharles Roselli

Oregon Health & Science University

2019 visiting colleagues

2019_Stephanie Padilla_thumbnailStephanie Padilla

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2019_Victor Navarro_thumbnailVictor Navarro

Harvard University

2019_Rosalind John_thumbnailRosalind John

Cardiff University

2019_Oliver Bosch_thumbnailOliver Bosch

University of Regensburg

2019_Belinda Henry_thumbnailBelinda Henry

Monash University

Stafford Lightman February 2019_thumbnailStafford Lightman

University of Bristol

2018 visiting colleagues

2018_Djurdjica Coss_thumbnailDjurdjica Coss

University of California, Riverside

Massimiliano Beltrano 2018_thumbnailMassimo Beltramo

National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France

2018_Kumi Kuroda_thumbnailKumi Kuroda

Riken Centre for Brain Science

2017 visiting colleagues

Joe Takahashi 2017Joe Takahashi

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Ursula Kaiser WebUrsula Kaiser

Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

2016 visiting colleagues

Alexander Kauffman 2016 Alexander Kauffman

University of California

Virginia BrooksVirginia Brooks

Oregon Heath & Science University

Michael White 2016Michael White

University of Manchester
Faculty of Life Sciences

Paul LeTissier 2016Paul Le Tissier

University of Edinburgh
MRC Centre for Reproductive Health

Massimo Beltrano 2016Massimo Beltramo

National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France

Pawel Olszewski 2016Pawel Olszewski

University of Waikato

2015 visiting colleagues

Lique Coolen 2015Lique Coolen

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Ed Callaway 2015Ed Callaway

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

2014 visiting colleagues

Ei Terasawa 2014 Ei Terasawa

University of Wisconsin

Jaideip Bains 2014Jaideep Bains

University of Calgary

gareth lengGareth Leng

University of Edinburgh

Rich Simerly 2014Rich Simerly

Univeristy of Southern California

Scott Sternson 2014Scott Sternson

Janelia Farm

Lynn Enquist 2014Lynn Enquist

Princeton University

2013 visiting colleagues

Al Ferguson_webAl Ferguson

Queen's University

2012 visiting colleagues

CNE Iain Clarke_webIain Clarke

Monash University

Ulrich Boehm_webUlrich Boehm

University of Homburg

Bob Bridges_webBob Bridges

Tufts University

2011 visiting colleagues

AgnesMartin NicoliRomano Anne Guillou webAnne Guillou, Agnes Martin, and Nicoli Romano

Montpellier University

George Bentley_webGeorge Bentley

University of California, Berkeley

2010 visiting colleagues

Michael Cowley_WebMichael Cowley

Monash University

2009 visiting colleagues

simone meddle_webSimone Meddle

University of Edinburgh

alain caraty_webAlain Caraty

INRA, Nouzilly, France

vincent prevot_webVincent Prevot

INSERM, Lille, France

2008 visiting colleagues

Sandy Petersen_webSandy Petersen

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

jill schneider_webJill Schneider

Lehigh University

2007 visiting colleagues

bob goodman_webBob Goodman

West Virginia University

2006 visiting colleagues

peg mccarthy_webPeg McCarthy

University of Maryland, Baltimore, US

mike ludwig_webMike Ludwig

University of Edinburgh

paul micevych_webPaul Micevych


marc freeman_webMarc Freeman

Florida State University

2005 visiting colleagues

Bob Bridges_webBob Bridges

Tufts University

kevin grove_webKevin Grove

Oregon Health Sciences University

2004 visiting colleagues

rich simerly_webRich Simerly

Oregon Health Sciences University

2003 visiting colleagues

john russell_webJohn Russell

University of Edinburgh

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