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Addressing anti-fat stigma in physiotherapy

Public, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Staff, Allied health professionals
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Seminar, Online
School of Physiotherapy

As physiotherapists, promoting physical activity is core to much of our work. Yet physical activity is deeply tied up in the beliefs that underpin anti-fat stigma. These beliefs include the assumption that body weight and composition is a straightforward reflection of lifestyle, and that all bodies can be safely made thin through disciplined eating and exercise.

This seminar will introduce anti-fat stigma, why it matters in physiotherapy, and discuss strategies to disrupt anti-fat stigma in practice.

Dr Patty Thille

Dr Thille uses social scientific theories and qualitative methodologies to study how we deliver health services and educate health professionals. A core emphasis of her work is addressing inequities - avoidable disparities in health that exist due to stigmatization and discriminatory practices and policies.

Her focus is on primary care, rehabilitative practice, and chronic disease management.

Patty Thille – University of Manitoba

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