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At the interface between academic bioethics and clinical practice

Career advisers, Future students, Parents, Public, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Staff, Alumni, Allied health professionals
Event type
Lecture, Seminar
Bioethics Centre

Over my years in clinical medicine, I have collected frameworks and paradigms that help me approach challenges in medical decision-making.

I will present three distinct challenges and the corresponding concepts that have helped me better understand and communicate with patients in my clinical work in Palliative Medicine.

These include:

  • Complexity – How complex is the problem? Assessing and communicating the complexity of a medical decision
  • Time – Does this person agree to plan for the future? Recognising and understanding cultural differences in the perception of time and planning ahead
  • Whose decision is it? Defining and articulating the application of ethical principles to difficult clinical dilemmas and considering the role of third party influencers such 'friends' on social media.
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