Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Professor Gabi Dachs

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Pathology and Biomedical Science (Christchurch)

Scatterlings: Cancer research across continents and time

Professor Gabi Dachs is a passionate cancer researcher and somewhat of a 'Scatterling'; a 'person with no fixed home', 'a wanderer', 'a vagabond'. She was born and raised in Namibia, studied in South Africa, post-doc'd in England, and now thrives in Aotearoa. Her interest in the lack of oxygen has persisted for 35 years. Low oxygen, or hypoxia, is a poor prognostic marker for solid tumours, and her aim is to understand, exploit or modify low oxygen conditions in cancer.

Gabi's research encompasses molecular studies in cell culture, mechanistic studies in rodent models, association studies in clinical samples, and intervention trials in patients with cancer. Her research has added some of the missing puzzle pieces to understanding cancer cell's response to hypoxia and vitamin C's role in modifying this response.

This lecture will be followed with light refreshments, tea, coffee and juice.


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