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Taught Undergraduate and Postgraduate Qualifications

Otago's Energy Studies and Energy Management Programme is located within the Physics Department. It examines how we harness and use energy on our planet, including renewable energy technologies, and how we can best make use of our energy resources to get the services we require in a sustainable manner. The programme offers a range of undergraduate courses including a Bachelor of Science in Energy Studies and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management.

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For further information contact:
Department of Physics
Tel 64 3 479 7753

Research Postgraduates

For all research postgraduate opportunities please contact your subject area. See Our People to find an appropriate department and a potential supervisor for your postgraduate research. Find out more about PhD's and doctoral studies.


The University of Otago offers a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships that may help support your studies.

In addition, The Energy Education Trust of New Zealand (EETNZ) The Energy Education Trust (EETNZ) is a charitable organisation which currently offer a number of undergraduate scholarships of $5000 each nationally across all participating New Zealand universities. Applications close 31st March are open to Undergraduate students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents enrolled full time (or intending to enrol full time) at the University of Otago in the fields of science, economics or engineering or related fields with a strong interest in energy issues. Click here for further information and an application form.

Other energy-related courses:

ECOL411 Reading Ecology (Ecology)
ECON405 The Economics of Natural Resources and Public Choice (Economics)
ENTR420 Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
ENTR421 Technology and Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
GEOG471 Environmental Impact Assessment (Geography)
GEOG475 Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries (Geography)
GEOL401 Current Topics and Advanced Methods in Geoscience (Geology)
GEOL430 Structural Geology and Tectonics (Geology)
GEOL431 Geophysics (Geology)
MANT454 Global Management (Management)
SURV513 Resource Mapping and Image Processing (Surveying)

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