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Last updated 18 July 2018


The confocal facility contains a range of research equipment and computers all of which are potentially accessible to researchers and students. Consequently it is viewed as a communal work space and users are therefore expected to adhere to appropriate codes of conduct.

Behaviour not compatible with the environment or Terms and Conditions can result in users being barred from the facility, or having their access restricted.

Project registration

Access to the facility is initiated, but not automatically granted, when the Project Registration form is received and checked by facility staff for correct completion. The submission of a Project Registration form does not constitute an automatic or immediate right to use the facility.

Preliminary access is given for the purposes of training users to operate the equipment correctly. Users who are not fully trained are not granted permission to book equipment for unsupervised use.

Experienced users may, in some cases, train people from their own research group with the permission of the facility staff, if they have specific requirements they wish them to adhere to. They are, however, expected to discuss this option with facility staff.

Use and care of equipment

All users are expected to leave the equipment in good condition. It is not acceptable to leave equipment in a state that makes it unusable for subsequent users.

Accidents inevitably occur and these need to be reported immediately to staff to assess the seriousness of the incident. In most cases follow-up actions usually result in more training or supervision. If serious damage occurs through negligence, this will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Use of equipment outside of normal working hours will not be granted until an appropriate level of proficiency has been reached. Unauthorised use after hours will be considered negligent use.

Keys and swipe card access will be given to appropriately trained users to access the facility after hours. Keys are to be returned at the completion of a project. Lending keys and/or swipe cards to other people to use the facility will result in an immediate suspension of access.

OMNI equipment use policy (PDF)

Booking system

The facility has an online booking system, permission to use it will be given once users are proficient in the use of equipment. Booking equipment for, or allowing other people to use your credentials will result in an immediate suspension of access.

Liability of OMNI (Confocal) facility

All input from the facility is provided in good faith and the facility accepts no liability for the non-performance of equipment or staff. The techniques undertaken at the facility are characterised by their, at times, unpredictable outcomes and the facility cannot be held responsible for such events. Similarly, equipment failures are unable to be accurately predicted.

Safe work practice

All users must adhere to safe work practices and must inform facility staff if they have dangerous substances and/or organisms in their samples. Failure to do so will result in access to the facility being withdrawn.

Staff desk areas and computers

Staff desk areas and computers are considered personal space and not to be accessed without the express permission of the staff member.


If a user feels they have been unfairly treated, they can contact the overall OMNI manager Dr Karen Reader to discuss the incident:


Agreement to terms and conditions

By ticking the Terms and Conditions box on the OMNI project registration form, you acknowledge having read and understood the Terms and Conditions as outlined above, and agree to adhere to them.

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