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Research theme

Pain@Otago: A University of Otago Research Theme

The Pain@Otago research theme creates an innovative research group within the University. The theme's research incorporates basic, clinical and population level research. The research will address the mechanisms behind and management of chronic pain to ultimately reduce the burden of pain on an individual, family and societal level.

Goals and objectives of Pain at Otago

The goals of the Pain at Otago Research Theme include:

  • Strengthening pain research within the community of researchers at the University of Otago by facilitating their basic and translational (clinical and epidemiological) research
  • Fostering collaborative research between disciplines both within and beyond the University in order to promote world-class pain research
  • Facilitating the acquisition of  external research funding in the broader field of pain research
  • Assisting engagement with stakeholders through community-based activities

In the news

Pain@Otago Research Symposium 2021 3rd December

During the 6 years that Pain@Otago has been a research theme there has been significant growth in the field of pain research.  This event celebrated the collaborations with communities and other researchers across New Zealand and internationally.

Programme of the event:

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