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School visits

Would you like a team of senior students and graduate students to visit your school? We offer a range of activities that can be tailored to your programmes in the Physical World and Material World learning areas or we can just bring some fun activities.

We can offer a 'Physics Show' for a larger group of students or run a set of small group activities. The activities are suitable for years 5-8 though we have worked with younger children.

It is also possible to arrange visits to the Physics Department for older students.

For more information, contact:

Dr Daniel Schumayer

Teacher professional development

We are also keen to support teachers. Please contact us to see what we can offer.


Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy

The Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy is a program for Year 13 students from small rural/provincial or low decile schools. There are two one-week residential science camps held at Otago University, one in January and the other in July, which give students the chance to meet university staff and participate in stimulating projects. Throughout the year students participate in a 'Virtual Academy' with access to additional web-based material. Science camps include professional development for teachers.

For more information see the Science Academy website

All teachers can access the posts on the Science Academy blog which have links to helpful resources on topics such as AC Circuits and the Photoelectric Effect.

Keep in touch

We have an email list for physics teachers in Otago. Contact us if you would like to join the list.


Other resources

Find out more about careers with a physics degree

See a selection of resources for teachers and students

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