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Thermal Bose Field

Group Leader: Professor Blair Blakie

My research concerns the theory of ultra-cold atomic gases and associated computational physics techniques. My current focus is on two systems:

  1. Quantum Dipolar Gases: Equilibrium and dynamical properties of ultra-cold atomic gases with dipole-dipole interactions. A significant interest going forward is the emergence of rotonic excitations in single and multi-layed systems, including: finite temperature (dynamical) calculations of dipolar gases with rotons; number and density fluctuations in systems with rotons; probing rotons using spectroscopic techniques; aiding the experimental hunt to find rotons.
  2. Spinor Quantum Gases: The properties of warm spinor Bose gases (particularly with spin-1 atoms). My work aims to characterize how the normal component interacts with the spinor condensate, the dynamics of spin oscillations, and quench dynamics.

For more information visit my Group Website.

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