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Room 110
Phone numbers
4114 (Office)
64 3 479 4114 (Office Direct Dial)
Research Group
Blakie Bradley Theory Group

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My undergraduate and postgraduate studies were undertaken at the University of Otago. I was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Maryland, USA) from 2001-2004, after which I joined the Department as a lecturer.

Quantum Gases: magnetic and dipolar interactions

My research programme centres on the physics of ultra-cold gases. This is a high profile field of physics in which 8 key researchers have been awarded Nobel Prizes since 1997. I have established and lead a theory group that has interests in a variety of areas: finite temperature theory, optical lattices, probing and spectroscopic techniques. Recently my interest has been focused on Bose condensates in which the atoms have either magnetic (spinor) degrees of freedom or dipole-dipole interactions.

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Blakie, P. B., Chomaz, L., Baillie, D., & Ferlaino, F. (2023). Compressibility and speeds of sound across the superfluid-to-supersolid phase transition of an elongated dipolar gas. Physical Review Research, 5, 033161. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.5.033161 Journal - Research Article

Platt, L., Baillie, D., & Blakie, P. B. (2023). Linear chain model of a dipolar supersolid. Proceedings of the Te Whai Ao: Dodd-Walls Centre (DWC) Rotorua Symposium. (pp. 35). Retrieved from Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

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