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Space Physics

Professor Craig Rodger
  • Radiation belts, electron precipitation, and ionosphere
  • Space Weather
  • Long range ground based remote sensing of ionosphere
  • Global lightning detection

Antarctic Sea Ice

Professor Pat Langhorne
  • Physical properties of sea ice
  • Antarctic sea ice thickness
  • Antarctic ice shelves' influence on sea ice formation processes

Ice–Ocean Interactions

Associate Professor Inga Smith
  • Supercooling and platelet ice formation processes
  • Stable isotope analysis
  • Sea ice processes in Earth System Models

Atmosphere and Climate

Associate Professor Annika Seppälä
  • Solar activity, solar storms
  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Chemical-dynamical coupling
  • Climate modelling & earth observation

Astrophysical Fluids and Plasmas

Associate Professor Jonathan Squire
  • Collisionless plasmas
  • Magnetic field generation and turbulence
  • Planet formation and dusty fluids
  • Solar wind



Energy Physics

Associate Professor Michael Jack
  • Energy system analysis
  • Smart electricity grids and demand flexibility
  • Molecular-scale energy conversion processes

Sustainable fuels

Dr Arjan Abeynaike
  • Hydrothermal processing
  • Hydrogen technologies
  • Life cycle analysis

Energy Technology

  • Engineering thermodynamics
  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Microfluidics



Sensors & Instrumentation

Dr Tim Molteno
  • Satellite navigation signals and systems
  • Inference based sensor systems
  • Radio Astronomical Imaging
  • Image & Signal Processing

Stochastic Modelling, Information, and Inference

Associate Professor Colin Fox
  • MCMC for inverse problems and uncertainty quantification
  • Bayes-optimal filtering
  • Scalable computation for Bayesian inference
  • High-level spatial stochastic models
  • Sound transmission in light-weight structures

Atomic and Optical Physics

Atomic and Optical Physics


Professor Richard Blaikie
  • Super-resolution optical imaging
  • Laser interference lithography
  • Plasmonics

Quantum Optics

Associate Professor Jevon Longdell
  • Rare-earth-ion doped solids for:
  • Quantum information
  • Quantum computing
  • Signal processing optics

Light and Matter

Professor Niels Kjærgaard
  • Ultra cold matter
  • Optical instrumentation
  • Laser systems

Atom Manipulation and Interferometry

Associate Professor Mikkel Andersen
  • Atom manipulation with laser light
  • Laser controlled atoms for making precise instruments
  • Atomic interferometers

Resonant Optics

Associate Professor Harald Schwefel
  • Resonantly enhanced interactions
  • Dielectric microcavities
  • Optical, microwave and THz frequency conversion
  • Optical frequency combs

Quantum Theory


Quantum Gases

Professor Blair Blakie
  • Theory of ultra-cold atomic gases
  • Dynamics of Phase transitions: Kibble-Zurek and Phase ordering
  • Applications of computational physics
  • Quantum dipolar gases
  • Spinor quantum gases

Quantum Physics and Biology

Professor David Hutchinson
  • Thermal field theories of ultra-cold atomic gases
  • Transport in disordered media and Anderson Localisation
  • Quantum processes in photosynthetic systems
  • Connections between quantum physics and number theory – the Riemann hypothesis

Quantum Fluids

Associate Professor Ashton Bradley
  • Quantum turbulence and quantum vortices
  • Open quantum systems and collective dissipative phenomena
  • Quantum optics and quantum phase space methods

Solid State Theory

Dr Philip Brydon
  • Superconductivity
  • Unconventional superconductors

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