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Paper CodeTitle
PHSI 131Fundamentals of Physics I
PHSI 132Fundamentals of Physics II
PHSI 191Biological Physics
ASTR 101Introduction to Astronomy
PHSI 221Classical and Quantum Mechanics
PHSI 222Electromagnetism
PHSI 243Environmental Physics
PHSI 245Electronics for the Sciences
PHSI 282Experimental Physics I
PHSI 331Quantum, Atomic and Particle Physics
PHSI 336Mathematical Physics
PHSI 341Thermal and Condensed Matter Physics
PHSI 343Waves in Physical Systems
PHSI 365Computational Physics
PHSI 381Experimental Physics II

Energy Science and Technology / Energy Management

Paper CodeTitle
EMAN 201 Thermoprocesses 1
EMAN 204 Energy Resources
EMAN 301 Fluids and Heat Transfer
EMAN 308 Thermoprocesses 2
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