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Undergraduate Physics

Our BSc in Physics provides students with a strong foundation in all major areas of the discipline. We emphasize analytic thinking and problem solving, and encourage active engagement of students with teaching staff. Lecture courses are integrated with problem solving workshops and tutorials. Dedicated laboratory papers are problem-based and develop student’s practical and technical skills.

Structure of BSc in Physics

  1. Second-year physics requires good proficiency in mathematics. It is strongly recommended that students taking PHSI 231 or PHSI 232 have passed MATH 170 or are enrolled in MATH 170 and have a B grade or better in MATH 160.
  2. PHSI 365 (Computational Physics) is highly recommended for students intending to study 400-level physics.
  3. PHSI 191 is intended for Health Science students, but can be substituted for PHSI 131 in a Physics BSc.
Compulsory Recommended
Physics Maths
First year PHSI 131       (or PHSI 191)
PHSI 132
MATH 160
MATH 170
COMP 150      (or COMP 160)
ENGL 127
Second year PHSI 231
PHSI 232
PHSI 282
MATH 202
MATH 203
ELEC 253
PHSI 243
Third year PHSI 331
PHSI 332
PHSI 381
and one other 300 PHSI or 300 ELEC
PHSI 365
PHSI 336
ELEC 353

All Undergraduate Papers

Physics papers
Energy Science and Technology / Energy Management