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August | Ākuhata 2019

Message from the Dean


Welcome to the August 2019 edition of our Alumni newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading about the School's staff and students, our research activities, and School Alumni around the world.

As always you - our Alumni, are an important part of our community, and we enjoy hearing and sharing the exciting achievements of our Physios in New Zealand and around the world.

Two exciting happenings within our School I do wish to draw your attention to are:

We are in the planning stages of potentially introducing a Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy degree (Clinical Doctorate) in to our Post-Graduate suite of offerings.

You can find a related quick online survey for alumni in the next section below. We would be grateful for your help.

In 2020 the School will offer the new Stanley Paris PhD OMT Scholarship and the Stanley Paris Postgraduate OMT Scholarship. Established this year by the University Otago, from a generous donation by Drs Stanley and Catherine Paris, these scholarships are named after Stanley G Paris and Stanley V Paris, father and son graduates of the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy in Dunedin – scroll down for more information about these two exciting new scholarships.

The School is extremely appreciative of this unprecedented generosity to our School and their ability to further enhance our School's national and international profile and leadership role in research and in clinical practice in OMT.

If you are planning on attending the Southern Physiotherapy Conference in November, I look forward to seeing you there!

Leigh Hale, Dean, School of Physiotherapy

News from the School

Pathways to new heights. Tell us what you think?

As Alumni of Otago's School of Physiotherapy, we invite you to help us better recognise the clinical knowledge and expertise of our professional colleagues.

The School of Physiotherapy at the University of Otago plans to introduce a Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy degree.

The time is right for physiotherapists in New Zealand to have access to a graduate qualification which recognises clinical practice specialisation at the highest academic level.

We seek to acknowledge physiotherapists for their high level of clinical expertise and we want them to be able to identify themselves with the title of 'doctor'.

Alternative text
Pathways is the title of the sculpture by Dr Paul Dibble in the heart of the University campus in Dunedin

But first we need to know what you think. With your help we can gauge the level of interest and support physiotherapists have for the degree of Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy at the University of Otago.

Here is the link to our quick, easy, and confidential online survey...

5 minute easy online survey

New Stanley Paris scholarships for 2020

Alternative text
Dr Stanley Paris (Jnr)

These two new scholarships are named after Stanley G Paris and Stanley V Paris, father and son graduates (1929 and 1958 respectively) of the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy in Dunedin.

The School is extremely appreciative of this unprecedented generosity.

Alumni article 2017 "Physiotherapy alumnus receives honorary doctorate"

Stanley Paris OMT PhD Scholarship details

Stanley Paris OMT Postgraduate Scholarship details

Massage therapy on World Physical Therapy Day September 6

physio_stock image massage and patient in table 2019.650Students from the School of Physiotherapy offered massages for staff and members of the public on World Physical Therapy Day this year.

Massage therapy can reduce pain, lower stress levels and enhance your sense of well-being.

This event was a fundraiser for ParaFed (all funds raised were donated) and students were supervised by staff.

News from the clinics

physio_Lesley Inglis portrait 2016Physiotherapist and Clinical Educator Lesley Inglis retired from the School recently.

Before taking a well earned post-working life holiday she helped us try to describe more than 30 years of dedicated physiotherapy experience in a few paragraphs.

Read about Lesley's career as a physiotherapist, and her dedicated work in our communities here

Meet the staff

physio_thumbnail prasath j in balance clinic 2018 The vast nation of India challenges physiotherapists treating those with mobility issues due to amputation.

After some years of clinical work at Vellore, in south eastern India, Prasath Jayakaran's decision to further his studies in New Zealand may have been serendipitous.

Prasath is now a key member of a cross-disciplinary group at Otago, and also leads our research in the School of Physiotherapy's Balance clinic.

In this interview Prasath tells us more about his work with those living with mobility issues

Student stories

physio_small tobias h and andreas H with audacious award 2019.220Physiotherapy patients can battle to maintain motivation and often find it hard to stick with prescribed exercise and rehabilitation programmes.

Fourth year students at the School of Physiotherapy Andreas Hirczy and Tobias Hoeta know that patient behaviour plays a big part in the success of interventions. They spotted a need for better information flow between physiotherapists and their patients and asked themselves; “Could a simple, easy to use mobile app make this exchange easier”?

Online tools present new opportunties for physios and patients. Follow this link to find out more

Research highlights

Meet Carrie Falling

physio_carrie falling selfie 2018 418Chronic musculoskeletal pain is often seen in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

We don't fully understand why it develops and often persists.

School of Physiotherapy PhD candidate and Otago Alumni of America scholarship winner Carrie Falling is carrying out research to better understand the reasons.

She also hopes to help identify treatment strategies that improve patient's quality of life.

A full interview and links to her podcast are here

Examining Mens Health

The image of the staunch, self-reliant Kiwi male who shows little clear regard for his health needs close examination.

Research related events at the School continue to tackle misconceptions about men's health.

A topical movie was screened recently in Dunedin generously supported by the Centre for Men's Health, CARE, and the School of Physiotherapy. The screening was followed by a presentation by leading researchers in this important field.

Find out how men's health events at Otago support wellbeing for all men

Alumni stories

Insights gained from collaborations

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) based in the UK, represents and promotes the work of physiotherapists and their affiliates worldwide.

Margot Skinner 280x187The School of Physiotherapy works with the WCPT and similar organisations to advance the quality and effectiveness of physiotherapy and physiotherapy education.

Dr Margot Skinner stepped down from her position as Vice President, WCPT at the 2019 Congress in Geneva.

In this article from Physio Matters magazine, Margot reflects on her key role with the WCPT in recent years

Insights gained from collaborations

History notes

150th calendar

University of Otago commemorations continue apace so if you're looking to finish this year with a flourish, why not join us and your friends in Dunedin?

Keep in touch

As University of Otago and School of Physiotherapy alumni – you belong to a rich and diverse world wide community.

Stay connected to continue a rewarding relationship with your University, your fellow Otago alumni and the School.

Planning an event or organising a class reunion? We can offer help, and encouragement with logistics and planning.

If you would like to receive regular news from Otago alumni, ensure your contact details are up to date by contacting the alumni office at this address

You can follow the School of Physiotherapy on Twitter here: @physiOtago

Follow research activity at the School on Twitter here: @OtagoCHARR

Please do keep in touch.


Lawrence, R. (2005). Branding terroir in the ′New World′: Modes of representation in the wine industry. In P. Sorrell, C. Ozcan, E. Kocabiyik & Z. T. Ultav (Eds.), Proceedings of the IST Product and Service Design Symposium and Exhibition on Agricultural Industries. Izmir, Turkey: Izmir University of Economics. [Full Paper]

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