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Studies currently seeking participants

February to April 2024

Returning to sport following a heart attack

The aim of this research study is to explore people’s experiences of returning to sport or high intensity exercise (either social or competitive) following a heart attack. Read more about the study.

The AP-KO Trial

In the AP-KO trial, we want to find out whether non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs) and physiotherapy, when used together, are any better than physiotherapy on its own for people with knee osteoarthritis (OA). Read more about the study.

Have you had concussion in the last 14 days?

This research is investigating a streamlined approach to identifying adults suited to orthopedic musculoskeletal physiotherapy of the neck acutely following concussion. Read more about the study.

My shoulder hurts.  What can I do?

In the Otago Shoulder Health Study, we want to find out whether adding manual therapy to best-practice physiotherapy care provides additional benefits for people with persistent shoulder pain. Read more about the study.

Physiotherapists perspectives of their roles for sports related concussion

We are seeking to explore physiotherapists' experiences of their role in sports-related concussion recognition and management and their perspectives of potential expanded roles. Read more about the study.

Mindfulness Meditation and Neurofeedback Training (MiNT): Knee Osteoarthritis

Adults (45-85 years) with Knee Osteoarthritis (> 3 months) are invited to participate in a clinical trial exploring the safety, feasibility, and effect of Mindfulness Meditation and Brainwave training compared to no training (usual care). Read more about the study.

Getting help for urine leakage: experiences of people with neurological conditions.

We are seeking 30 people with stroke, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis who had or currently have urine leakage. This study aims to investigate the experiences of people with stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease about their experiences regarding assessment and management received for urine leakage incontinence within the NZ health care system. Read more about the study.

Have you supported someone after heart surgery?

We are interested in finding out how to better support caregivers of people who have had heart surgery, particularly in their role of providing assistance and support for physical activity. Read more about the study.

Influence of footwear on knee movement

Lower limb movement patterns following anterior cruciate ligament rupture and influence of footwear.  For further information, see our dedicated study page.

Studies recently completed recruitment

Strabismus and balance in children

The research will investigate whether balance control is affected in children with strabismus. For further information see the dedicated study website,

The Opti-OK Clinical Trial: Is your knee stiff and sore?

Recruitment closed. The main aim of the Opti-OK research is to identify optimal frequency of manual therapy treatment for people with knee osteoarthritis. For further information see the dedicated study website.

Brain signatures of pain (KOA)

Recruitment closed. A study investigating the brain changes and activity patterns in painful knee osteoarthritis (KOA) compared to healthy individuals. For further information see the dedicated study page.

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