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The Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) in Physiology is a 120-point degree. Successful completion of the BSc(Hons) enables you to apply for direct entry into the PhD programme or the second year of the two-year Master of Science (MSc) in Physiology programme.

Duration 1 year full-time
  • BSc including at least a B+ average in four of PHSL 341, PHSL 342, PHSL 343, PHSL 344, PHSL 345, or equivalents
  • An approved fifth 300-level science paper
  • A further two 200-level or 300-level papers are recommended


Two of:

  • PHSL 471 Systematic Physiology (20 points)
  • PHSL 472 Neurophysiology (20 points)
  • PHSL 473 Cellular Physiology (20 points)


Neuroscience BSc(Hons) students may also do their research project in Physiology, and often enrol in PHSL 472 and PHSL 474.

Differences between the PGDipSci and BSc(Hons) in Physiology

The PGDipSci in Physiology that includes PHSL 490 Dissertation has identical course content to the BSc(Hons) in Physiology. However, the two programmes' prerequisites differ:

Requirement PGDipSci BSc(Hons)
Prerequisites for PGDipSci and BSc(Hons) in Physiology
Bachelor's degree BSc in Physiology BSc in Physiology
Papers at 300-level 4 PHSL papers 4 PHSL papers plus 1 approved science paper
Average grade in 300-level PHSL papers B (or higher) B+ (or higher)

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