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Plant Biotechnology: Fundamental and Applied Plant Science for Today’s World.

Plant Biotechnology encompasses molecular biosciences, addressing global challenges including conservation biology, climate change, and both energy and food security.

Picking aphids from pea plants


The course includes specialised Plant Biotechnology papers and papers selected from relevant Biochemistry, Botany and Gene papers that together provide a comprehensive understanding of the molecular life of plants.
Working with plants in a biosecurity room


The academic staff teaching into the Plant Biotechnology programme are drawn from across the Biochemistry and Botany Departments with expertise in: genetics, genomics, photosynthesis, stress biology, plant pathology and plant reproduction.
Arabidopsis seedlings

About the programme

The Plant Biotechnology programme at Otago was established in 1994 and delivers advanced training at both undergraduate and graduate levels for those seeking a career in plant molecular sciences in New Zealand or overseas.

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