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Research expertise

All of our staff are active researchers across a broad range of topics in Politics.

The Expertise Database is also an excellent resource if you are looking for specific areas of knowledge. It is particularly focused on (1) assisting prospective graduate research students to find appropriate supervisors and (2) serving the needs of print or broadcast media professionals seeking stories, comment, interviews, or background.

Please note that the list below is not comprehensive; more information on each staff member's research interests and a list of their publications can be found on their individual profile pages.
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Political Theory

Political TheoryDr David Jenkins
Postcolonial TheoryDr Lena Tan
Ethics and International RelationsProfessor Philip Nel
Associate Professor James Headley
MarxismAssociate Professor Brian Roper
Nationalism and national identityAssociate Professor James Headley
Political economy of inequalityProfessor Philip Nel
Social InequalityAssociate Professor Brian Roper
History and theories of democracyAssociate Professor Brian Roper
Decolonial Political TheoryDr Christine Winter
Indigenous Political TheoryDr Christine Winter
Critical Race TheoryDr Christine Winter
Environmental JusticeDr Christine Winter
Multispecies JusticeDr Christine Winter
Climate JusticeDr Christine Winter

New Zealand Politics

New Zealand PoliticsProfessor Janine Hayward
Associate Professor Brian Roper
Environmental PoliticsProfessor Janine Hayward
Treaty of WaitangiProfessor Janine Hayward
Electoral systems and reformsProfessor Janine Hayward
Local GovernmentProfessor Janine Hayward
Constitutional PoliticsProfessor Janine Hayward

International Relations

International Relations TheoryAssociate Professor James Headley
Associate Professor Nicholas Khoo

Dr Lena Tan

Professor Robert Patman
Identity and ConstructivisimDr Lena Tan
Associate Professor James Headley
The European UnionAssociate Professor James Headley
China's Foreign and Security PolicyAssociate Professor Nicholas Khoo
International Relations of AsiaAssociate Professor Nicholas Khoo
Middle East international politicsDr Leon Goldsmith
Foreign policies of emerging powersProfessor Philip Nel
Dr Lena Tan
Global SecurityProfessor Robert Patman
Dr Lena Tan
US Foreign and Security PolicyProfessor Robert Patman
Russia's Foreign and Security PolicyAssociate Professor James Headley
Professor Robert Patman
Globalization and ConflictProfessor Robert Patman
Critical Approaches to International RelationsDr Lena Tan
Postcolonial and Decolonial approaches to IRDr Lena Tan

Comparative Politics / Area Studies

Middle EastDr Leon Goldsmith
IndonesiaDr Lena Tan
Russia, Central/Eastern Europe and the BalkansAssociate Professor James Headley
The European UnionAssociate Professor James Headley
Great powers and the Horn of AfricaProfessor Robert Patman
Corruption, politics, and developmentProfessor Philip Nel
Nationalism and Ethnic ConflictAssociate Professor James Headley
Politics of the MediaDr Chris Rudd
Decolonial Politics of Aotearoa and AustraliaDr Christine Winter

Politics programme staff publications

Below is a list of just some of the books published by Politics programme staff:

Books published by Politics staff (PDF)

More information about each staff member's publications can be found on their profile page:

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Postgraduate research and theses

Please see our postgraduate student profiles page

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