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Politics Summer School papers

The University of Otago Summer School runs from early January to late February each year and Politics offers two papers each year. 

Politics papers offered during 2020 Otago Summer School:

POLS308 United States Foreign Policy since 1945

POLS308 examines the formulation and implementation of US foreign policy, covering key institutions, enduring international issues, the strategy of containment and the US role in a post-Cold War world. The paper analyses both the process and the substance of US foreign policy since 1945. It also considers the international impact of US foreign policy and Washington's changing position in the world.

POLS 321 Public Policy in New Zealand

POLS321 examines how and why policy decisions are made by the New Zealand government, who they are made for, and how they can be changed. The course focuses on the questions of: Why do governments pursue certain courses of action and implement particular sets of policies during specific periods of history? Who makes policy and how? Why does policy matter? What is the relationship between economic and political power? Who runs New Zealand? More generally, how do we understand politics? The overall aim of the course is for students to understand how and why public policy is made in New Zealand.

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