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Kim Hugh banner Monday 10 March 2014 12:33pm

Gloves off for genetic research

Grubby rubber gloves briefly brought Otago Master's student Kim Hughes into the media spotlight last July…

Foreword: What does a postgraduate student actually do?

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Professor Vernon Squire
Deputy Vice-Chancellor

This is a sensible question for an undergraduate student to ask as they near completion of their degree, one that I personally asked a friendly lecturer when I was trying to decide 'what next'.

She explained that some postgraduate degrees are mainly coursework, some comprise entirely supervised original research and some are a mixture of both. She patiently talked me through the advantages of each programme of study, what I should expect to experience and how my career could potentially advance.

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In Brief

A winner in three minutes
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Supervisor of the Year goes "above and beyond"
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The path from procrastination to productivity
The University of Otago offers its postgraduate students one-on-one personal performance and development coaching…

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