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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


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Health Sciences, Sciences
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Medicine (Christchurch)
Associate Professor Chris Pemberton, Dr Janice Chew-Harris, Professor Mark Richards


PhD candidates are being recruited to join the Christchurch Heart Institute, University of Otago, Christchurch.

The Christchurch Heart Institute employs 35–40 experts in cardiology, genetics, biochemistry and physiology.

It is the only integrated 'bench to bedside to community' cardiovascular research group in New Zealand. Our research focuses on:

  • Discovering and implementing new blood tests for heart disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Developing new methods for treating heart failure and improving outcomes
  • Understanding the genetics of heart disease to help explain why heart disease runs in families

We encourage enquiries from enthusiastic and highly motivated postgraduate students. We can tailor a research project to suit your interests and areas of expertise.

Potential topics include:

  • Identification of new circulating peptides: their biological activity and diagnostic applications
  • Effect of hormones on, and their responses to, bone growth
  • Biochemical and metabolic studies of BNP related peptides and their measurement in cardiovascular disorders
  • Studies of vasoactive hormones in isolated perfused hearts
  • Cytokine signalling, neurohormones and intracellular signalling pathways in experimental myocardial infarction
  • The role of hormones regulating metabolism in cardiovascular disease
  • Neurohormonal aspects of cardiovascular disease ‐ clinical studies
  • Neurohormonal aspects of cardiovascular disease ‐ laboratory studies
  • Clinical and Novel Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease
  • Iron regulation in Heart Disease
  • Inflammation in Cardiovascular Disease

Applicants must be eligible for admission to the PhD programme at the University of Otago.

PhD programme entry requirements

Funding notes

Whether you are a domestic or an international student, the University of Otago has a range of Doctoral Scholarships available to you.

If you are a straight A student (GPA of 8 - 'A' grade) or higher, who has completed an Honours or Master's degree with an appropriate research component from a New Zealand university then you are likely to be guaranteed a University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship.

University of Otago Doctoral Scholarship

Other scholarship opportunities


In the first instance, applicants should contact Associate Professor Chris Pemberton, Dr Janice Chew-Harris or Professor Mark Richards by email to discuss a project. Further information may be sought from suitable candidates that will include:

  • a copy of your CV
  • a copy of your academic transcript
  • a pdf copy of your research thesis

Further information

The Department of Medicine has a number of potential topics and projects on offer for a range of postgraduate qualifications, including PhD and Master's degrees.

We welcome enquiries and encourage all prospective students to directly contact potential supervisors in their field of interest.


Janice Chew-Harris

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