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Student behaviour

Our campus and the surrounding suburb is a vibrant community that requires a sense of order and one of the Proctor's main roles is to work closely with the police and all local authorities in fostering the unique town/gown relationship which exists here, as it relates to student behaviour. Students who get up to mischief around the city - but particularly in the northern suburbs - are likely to end up in the office of the Proctor.

The Proctor is responsible for managing the student Code of Conduct.

Relationship between Dunedin residents and students

Dunedin loves its student population, but the permanent residents also expect respect and consideration and with this in mind the Proctor will often be found pouring oil on troubled waters, resolving differences and extracting penance, whenever appropriate.

Working with the police

The Proctor's working relationship with the local police is particularly important to the University and this is enhanced by the presence of our own Campus policeman, whose office is next door to that of the Proctor. Very convenient!

Campus security and access to University buildings

The Proctor is responsible for the security of all plant and buildings and allowing Cardax access to teaching buildings.

They are also responsible for managing the response to any emergencies that may arise on Campus.

The Proctor operates an open door policy and welcomes inquiries, questions and requests for information and advice on all matters relating to their area of responsibility (and a few that are not!).

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