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The University of Otago has had a Proctor for nearly 50 years. Their office is responsible for a large number of roles throughout the University with the emphasis on the safety of students/staff and maintaining a healthy learning environment for all.

The Proctor has developed working relationships with local businesses, Police and Fire Service and can often mediate a way for students to respond to complaints about their indiscretions.

Dave.Scott.Proctor.002Dave Scott, Proctor
Dave.Scott.Proctor.002Geoff Burns, Deputy Proctor

The Proctor's Office has overall responsibility for the operation of CCTV cameras on Campus and in some of the streets around Campus. If an individual is the victim of a crime in an area CCTV is operating the Deputy Proctor can review footage on request from the police, or victim themselves, to help identify and prosecute offenders.

The security of the Campus buildings and plant is a responsibility managed by the Deputy Proctor along with ID card access to buildings on all our Campus sites.

The Proctor and Deputy Proctor have direct management control of the Campus Watch teams which provide a 24/7 presence on the Campus and surrounding streets making ours one of the safest University Campuses in the country.

The Proctor's Office also provides a number of other services such as the Safety Patrol, "Walk Homes" and will even safely store firearms for you.

In the event of an emergency on Campus, the Proctor's Office has the role of assisting with the response. The response will be managed by the Office of Risk, Assurance and Compliance who are responsible for all emergency management on Campus

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