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Umbrella (Custom)

  • To foster and maintain a safe and secure Campus environment that encourages and enables all students to realise their maximum potential
  • To patrol the student flatting area 24/7 to ensure the streets and house frontages are clean and tidy from a health and safety perspective
  • To proactively discourage local criminals from frequenting the University and student flatting area
  • To assist departments across the University in a number of ways, eg, the delivery and collection of exam papers and assisting Library staff at closing time

External relationships

External working relationships are developed with:

  • Emergency services
  • Landlords
  • Businesses in the University area
  • Dunedin City Council

Ensuring students' futures by monitoring behaviour

"We know there is a small percentage of students whose idea of fun has a negative impact on their fellow students and nearby residents. The presence of the Campus Watch team members should go some way towards deterring inconsiderate behaviour and encouraging people to look after themselves and each other more responsibly. These people are, after all, the future of this country.

"The mix of alcohol and youth at the same time don't always lead to good judgments. Campus Watch will be endeavouring to help students early on, so they don't put themselves in positions which could prevent them from entering their chosen career because of a conviction stemming from any 'high spirits gone wrong'."

David Richardson, Student Services Director at the launch of Campus Watch, February 2007
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