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Safety Patrol (Custom)

We don't recommend taking rides from strangers, however, if the car has a large illuminated “University Safety Patrol” sign on the roof and two Campus Watch team members in the front, your answer should be “Yes, please!”

The Safety Patrol is a free service run from the Proctor's Office.

It operates from 11pm to 3am every Wednesday to Saturday  during the academic year and is crewed by two Campus Watch staff: one female and one male. (It has occasionally had the unfortunate distinction of being referred to by some customers as “The Vomit Comet”.)

Worried about walking home from Uni at night?

If you have any concerns about walking alone from University to your home or to your College, you can telephone the Campus Watch Security Control Room on 03 479 5000 (Toll Free 0800 479 5000) and they will radio the Safety Patrol to pick you up when they are free.

It is not a taxi service, but there to keep people safe in North Dunedin and in general the Campus Area in particular.  The service operates in the area bounded by Duke Street, Harbour Terrace, Queen Street and Hanover Street.  This operational area may be expanded slightly on a case by case basis at the discretion of the on-duty  Campus Watch Team Leader – for example to the closest taxi rank or to a Residential College located outside the normal operating area.

Campus Watch are also happy to walk staff to their car if they have been working late into the night.

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