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Invitation to participate in personality and mental health studies

You are invited to participate in studies run by Professor Martin Sellbom and his research team.

Our studies assess how personality contributes to mental health and other life outcomes. Each study looks for participants with different characteristics. If you think you might be who we are looking for, please contact us.

Personality and Brain Research Study

Do you fit at least one of the descriptions below?

  • Have you been suspended or expelled from school?
  • Are you impulsive, often act without considering the consequences, or frequently participate in high risk activities?
  • Are you charming, good at manipulating or 'conning' people, good at taking care of number one, carefree, and would do almost anything for a dare?
  • Do you have criminal convictions?

In this study you'll be required to complete some tasks and a questionnaire on a computer while having your brainwaves recorded at the same time. You'll then be interviewed.

It will take about 4 hours to complete the tasks, questionnaires and interview, but we ask that you allow at least 4.5 hours.

Contact Ella/Phoebe to find out more:

Tel +64 20 416 09311

Assessing Personality study

If you are over 18 years old, and are currently undergoing mental health treatment (such as seeing a counselor or clinical psychologist), we invite you to participate in our study on mental health and personality.

You'll be interviewed about your mental health and also be asked to complete several questionnaires that measure many different aspects of your personality.

It will take up to 4 hours to complete the interviews and questionnaires.

Contact Tiffany/Emma to find out more:

Tel +64 20 416 09311

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