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Help us learn more about Psychology

As one of the top research programmes in the world, the Department of Psychology at Otago studies all aspects of how people think, feel, and change throughout their lives.

Participating in research is a great way for you to learn about psychology, the researchers at Otago, and the cutting-edge questions we study.

We encourage people from all backgrounds and perspectives to join in our studies as research participants, to help us develop a rich and complete understanding of the human mind.

Ethics in Psychology research

All research carried out in the Department of Psychology is approved by the Otago Ethic's Committee.

Find out more about ethics in Psychology research here


Can I earn credit toward my psychology papers by participating in these studies?

No. There are opportunities for first- and second-year students to earn credit toward their papers through research participation, but eligible studies are listed on aseparate system. If you are a first- or second-year student who wants to participate for credit, log in to the Research Participation System to see what is available and to sign up.

How much will I be paid?

You will usually not receive payment for participation, but you will receive a contribution toward your travel expenses. This contribution is often $15, but varies with the requirements of the study.

Do I have to come into the Psychology Department to sign up for a study?

No. You can sign up via the Research Participation System. If you happen to be in the Psychology Department, there are computers available on the second floor of the William James building, which you can use to access the Internet using your student account.

I have signed up for a study but I can't remember its name or location, or both.

Check your email: You will have been sent details. Alternatively, log in to the Research Participation System to see what experiments you have signed up for and where they are being held.

I have a query about a study. Who do I contact and how?

Log in to the Research Participation System to find contact details for the person running your study.

Can I cancel my appointment or change the time?

You can cancel or change your appointment time up to the day of the study by logging in to the Research Participation System.

What if I miss my appointment?

It is very important that you not miss your appointment, as our researchers – many of them students working on their university research projects – are relying on you to turn up, and have allocated time and money to prepare for your arrival. If an emergency arises that prevents you from attending, you should contact the researcher afterwards as a courtesy, and he or she will try to reschedule you if possible.

What if there are no spaces left for a research study I want to take part in?

Check back again in a day or two. Research studies and time slots are continuously being replenished.

What if I want further information after the study is over?

You will receive additional information at the end of your session and/or once the study is complete. If you have additional questions you can contact the researcher by email at any time.

Sign up to participate in a research study

Sign up now to participate via the Psychology Research Participation System

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