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14 Apr 2023

Declining number of children being vaccinated against measles in Aotearoa

There are not enough children under the age of 5 in Aotearoa protected against m...

06 Apr 2023

Significant step in fight against drug resistance in TB

University of Otago researchers have discovered new ways to treat antibiotic-res...

March 15 symposium - image 1

05 Apr 2023

New findings on the psychological impacts of the Christchurch terrorist attacks

Preliminary findings from a study of the psychological aftermath of the 2019 Chr...

03 Apr 2023

Late HIV diagnosis still an issue in Aotearoa

Forty per cent of people diagnosed with HIV in Aotearoa between 2011 and 2020 we...

29 Mar 2023

Evening activity breaks from screen time better for health

Breaking up long periods of sitting in the evening can result in lower blood sug...

Medtech iQ showcase image 1

29 Mar 2023

Otago’s medtech innovation highlighted at showcase

Otago researchers took centre stage at the MedTech Innovation Showcase last mont...

23 Mar 2023

New funding will boost RNA research into vaccines and other healthcare treatments

Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington and Waipapa Taumata Rau – Un...

15 Mar 2023

Small changes in children’s sleep lead to significant changes in eating habits

Just an hour less sleep a night affects what and how children eat, University of...

14 Mar 2023

Policy changes urged to ensure Aotearoa’s health workforce reflects society

Policy changes are urgently needed to ensure Aotearoa’s future health workforce...

14 Mar 2023

14 March 2023 Adverse outcomes in adulthood for abuse survivors

Victims of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to suffer difficulties across...

10 Mar 2023

Cloak of protection against infectious diseases needed for schools

A group of health and education experts have published seven key goals in a miss...

24 Feb 2023

Better targeted prediabetes care needed

A more targeted approach to the screening and treatment of prediabetes is likely...

Cook Islands graduation Image

17 Feb 2023

Commitment of Cook Islands’ doctors recognised

With a father who worked in health administration in the Cook Islands, it’s prob...

14 Feb 2023

Pharmacy Clinic offers free medicine assessment for LGBTQIA+

The University of Otago’s School of Pharmacy Clinic will be hosting a free pop-u...

PHCC Launch Launch  Professor Baker with Gama Foundation benefactors Grant and Marilyn Nelson and their daughter Julie Squire (second from left) with the centre’s Communication Lead  2 image

14 Feb 2023

University of Otago welcomes new voice for public health

A new centre hosted by the University of Otago will boost the reach and impact o...

02 Feb 2023

Locating for recovery: acute mental health units remain in the shadows

Acute mental health care units remain in the shadows, neither fully integrated i...

13 Jan 2023

Funding to assist with story-telling approach to opioid tapering

A University of Otago researcher hopes whānau-focused storytelling could help su...

13 Jan 2023

Six minutes of intense exercise boosts key brain protein

Six minutes of high intensity exercise may help maintain a healthy brain and del...

21 Dec 2022

Communities set to benefit from Indigenous-led international grant with rangatiratanga at heart

The opportunity to develop Māori-led programmes for pēpi, tamariki and whānau we...

Student leaders 22 image

21 Dec 2022

Otago's leaders of tomorrow receive awards

Forty-one students graduated with their University of Otago Student Leadership A...

Geri McLeod thumbnail

20 Dec 2022

New Zealanders still not making enough effort to be “sun safe” – study

Sunscreen alone is not enough, University of Otago researchers are reminding peo...

Dr Isaiah Immanuel thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Diabetes disparity

Dr Isaiah Immanuel is conducting a one-year study, funded by Research for Childr...

Joon Kim sitting on a rock in a forest next to a stream thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Anxiety control

Dr Joon Kim is aiming to produce the first evidence of how neural circuits in th...

Matt Jenkins standing in front of a body of water thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Connecting physical and mental health

Dr Matthew Jenkins is bringing his background in Physical Education and Psycholo...

Katie Douglas standing in front of a green lawn

19 Dec 2022

Game-changing therapy

Dr Katie Douglas foresees a day when people will visit a mental health service,...

Sarah Diermeier standing outside in front of the Department of Chemistry sign thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Transforming cancer treatment

Dr Sarah Diermeier and her laboratory team’s intent is to develop innovative dru...

Kate Thomas kneeling outside with greenery in the background thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Turning up the heat

Dr Kate Thomas is researching cardiovascular and cerebrovascular responses to ex...

Dr Susan Wardell

19 Dec 2022

Bringing the heart online

Dr Susan Wardell (Social Anthropology) has been researching moral and social asp...

Dr Paula Toko King thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

Sovereign rights to health and wellbeing

A passion for upholding sovereign rights to health and wellbeing for tangata whe...

Dr Chanel Phillips thumbnail

19 Dec 2022

The whakapapa, mātauranga and tikanga of water safety

Dr Chanel Phillips is having a major influence on the rethinking and rewriting o...

16 Dec 2022

Study highlights need for primary care funding overhaul

A new study shows the disparity of patient need across general practices and bac...

Leina Isno & Professor John Crump image

16 Dec 2022

Otago’s first ni-Vanuatu health sciences PhD candidate receives grant from the HRC

The worship of a mite that spreads a potentially life-threatening disease in Van...

15 Dec 2022

Pacific Alliance condemns radioactive discharge from Fukushima Daiichi – calls for NZ action

Plans to discharge tonnes of radioactive wastewater into the Pacific Ocean for a...

Clocktower thumbnail

14 Dec 2022

Scientists propose system redesign to improve access to clinical trials

Ensuring that the latest clinical research opportunities, and the healthcare ben...

14 Dec 2022

Wednesday 14 December 2022, New smokefree policy will improve Aotearoa health: Otago experts

University of Otago experts welcome a new smokefree legislation which they say w...

07 Dec 2022

Simple intervention may encourage accessing of mental health services

Despite being known as a vulnerable group for experiencing poor mental health, t...

Professor Hallie Buckley with the Mason Durie Medal image

23 Nov 2022

Two more prestigious awards for Otago researchers

Two of the University of Otago’s leading researchers have been honoured for thei...

22 Nov 2022

Kidney function trajectory starts in childhood – Otago study

People who grew up in deprived socioeconomic conditions, or who were overweight...

17 Nov 2022

Research partnership to help prepare for future infectious disease threats officially launched

A new $36 million research platform aimed at preparing for future infectious dis...

17 Nov 2022

17 November 2022 Renowned Dunedin Study wins Rutherford Medal

The University of Otago’s Dunedin Study – touted as the world’s most successful...

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