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Michael Baker and team Liley medal thumbnail

23 Nov 2023

Liley Medal for Otago-led research to prevent rheumatic fever

Leading epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker and his research team have been r...

Jennifer Prah thumbnail

14 Nov 2023

Conference explores contributing to global health

Aotearoa’s international contributions to global health will be the focus of thi...

Helen Morrin thumbnail

01 Nov 2023

Helen Morrin receives award for cancer research

After more than two decades as the Curator of Otago University’s He Taonga Tapu...

Royal Society Fellowships collage thumbnail

30 Oct 2023

Otago researchers receive Fellowships

The impact of housing on mental health and how hormones regulate parents’ behavi...

alcohol generic thumbnail

25 Oct 2023

Strong public support for alcohol policy action

There is considerable support from New Zealanders for government to take policy...

Moana Theodore standing in a garden.

25 Oct 2023

Dunedin Study appoints new Director

The University of Otago is proud to announce the appointment of Associate Profes...

Alex Tups 2023 image

08 Aug 2023

Laboratory research finds gluten caused brain inflammation

In what is believed to be a world first discovery, University of Otago researche...

Jemma Geoghegan image

07 Aug 2023

New prestigious role for Professor Jemma Geoghegan

After a global search, Professor Jemma Geoghegan has been appointed the Webster...

Close up of Clocktower clock angled from below.

04 Aug 2023

Multiple symptoms in veterans could indicate PTSD – study

A pattern of symptoms in veterans has emerged in a University of Otago study tha...

Christchurch hospital entrance.

04 Aug 2023

Screening age needs to be lowered to combat ‘epidemic’

New Zealand needs to lower the screening age for colorectal cancer if it wants t...

Stock photograph of two people's hands reaching towards each other against a white background

02 Aug 2023

Continuity of care needed from the ‘front of the pathway’ to the back

After undergoing cancer treatment, many survivors deal with a range of psycho-so...

Logan Walker 2023 image

20 Jul 2023

Otago University-led research delivers more certainty for genetic test diagnoses

Findings from a new international study look set to improve rates of diagnosis f...

10 Jul 2023

Otago researchers make blooming great blood sugar discovery

An extract from dahlia flower petals has been found to stabilise blood sugar lev...

Dunedin campus aerial

07 Jul 2023

Study shows extent of health inequities

The first study to use Māori-specific data from a nationwide health-related qual...

07 Jul 2023

Kids spending one-third of after-school time on screens, study finds

Regulations are urgently needed to protect children from harm in the unregulated...

Miranda Mirosa and Rachel Brooking thumbnail

06 Jul 2023

Otago receives Government funding to cut food waste in aged care sector

University of Otago researchers aim to contribute to cutting food waste in the a...

Clocktower thumbnail

04 Jul 2023

HRC grants $51 million to Otago researchers

Otago researchers have received a significant $51 million funding boost from the...

Christchurch campus image

29 Jun 2023

Alcohol causes more harm than meth and other illegal drugs – study

New University of Otago, Christchurch, research has found that a legal drug – al...

DNA - generic - image

27 Jun 2023

DNA discovery may assist in fight against aggressive cancer

In a significant development in the fight against fatal cancers, University of O...

Wayne Morriss at WHA - image

21 Jun 2023

Health priorities outlined on the world stage

Clinical Associate Professor Wayne Morriss recently returned from a week in Gene...

NZCYES team members

15 Jun 2023

Child health under the spotlight

Child health under the spotlight....

Wellington Science City - lab image

13 Jun 2023

University welcomes funding for Science City initiative

The University of Otago welcomes new funding in the Government’s 2023 Budget for...

08 Jun 2023

Smoking and weight can impact daily vitamin C requirements

People who smoke need to consume twice as much vitamin C per day as non-smokers,...

Robin Turner - image

07 Jun 2023

Becoming a biostatistician a happy accident

Robin Turner’s journey to biostatistics was a bit of a roundabout one....

01 Jun 2023

Major CMRF grant to research hallucinations in Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Kyla-Louise Horne has received a significant funding boost for her research w...

Christchurch campus image

31 May 2023

MIHI Bipolar Research team wins prestigious international award

A team from the University of Otago, Christchurch’s, MIHI (Māori and Indigenous...

25 May 2023

Why high school kids are saying ‘yeah, nah’ to alcohol

Striking differences in the way high school students socialise may be one of the...

25 May 2023

Study will measure how much breast milk baby is actually getting

Mothers worry about an exhaustive list of things; University of Otago researcher...

Jaydee Cabral image

24 May 2023

3D bioprinting research set to revolutionise breast reconstruction

Innovative Otago research could help reconstruct breast tissue that cancer patie...

Carrie Clifford 1 image

11 May 2023

PhD graduand explores the cultural and therapeutic benefits of Māori story telling

Carrie Clifford (Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe, Kāi Tahu) will graduate on Saturday (May 1...

10 May 2023

New study reinforces timely need for Pneumococcal Vaccine Switch

New research from the University of Otago, Christchurch, backs a recent Pharmac...

Black and white photograph of a dense forest of slim trees image 650

10 May 2023

Photos give men a voice to discuss mental distress

An innovative research project at the University of Otago, Wellington, is using...

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