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This page lists recent Review Convenors and the review they convened since 2020.

2023Emeritus Professor George BenwellStudholme College

School of Social Sciences
Professor David Baxter / Professor Louise Parr-BrownlieQuality Advancement Unit
Emeritus Professor Brian MoloughneyPBRF and Publications Office
Professor Lyall HantonNeuroscience Programme
Emerita Professor Nicola PeartEcology Programme
Professor Abby SmithDepartment of Public Health, UOW
2022Professor David BaxterDepartment of Information Science
Emeritus Professor Ian TuckerDepartment of Food Science
Professor Martin KennedyGenetics Teaching Programme
Professor Fiona McDonaldDepartment of Radiation Therapy, UOW

School of Arts
Professor Lyall HantonDepartment of Microbiology and Immunology, BMS
Professor Abby SmithBiomedical Research Facility
Emeritus Professor George BenwellDepartment of Chemistry

Social Impact Studio
2021Professor Paul TrebilcoCollege of Education
Professor Nicola PeartDepartment of Psychology
Professor Tim CooperSchools' Liaison
Emeritus Professor Ian TuckerBotany

Research and Enterprise
Professor Tony DowellCentre for Postgraduate Nursing, UOC
Professor Abby SmithNational Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
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