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Offer short term placements

The University recognises the value of short-term work placements or internships to our students and their future employers. In order to provide these opportunities to our students, we need businesses to make those openings available.

For businesses this is a great way toCity College residents

  • Get an injection of fresh lateral thinking
  • tap into current research and new techniques
  • access the mindset of your target market
  • try out a new employee for a limited period

As well as summer internships and placements that are paid employment for ten weeks, the university offers a host of research studentships internally.

If you would like to offer a work placement over the summer and you'd like to know how to make this happen, please contact the Career Development Centre.

Visit the Career Development Centre website

The Applied Science programme offers postgraduate certificates, diploma and coursework Masters that involve work-based projects. If this is what you are looking for, the staff development section has more information.

See staff development opportunities

Recruit graduates

The Career Development Centre runs a number of events during the year, bringing graduates and potential employers together. There are career fairs and day visits; you can lodge a vacancy on CareerHub, run seminars or presentations. If you have a particular skill set in mind, the Career Development Centre can target invitations and promotion to suit. Contact them directly and well in advance to get the optimal support.

Visit the Career Development Centre website

Support student entrepreneurship

The University fosters independent thinking and that spills out into entrepreneurial work in all sorts of ways. The Audacious programme provides mentoring and a Dragon's Den style competition where young entrepreneurs can test their ideas and possibly win the opportunity to make it work in the real world.

Visit the Audacious website

There are other entrepreneurial thinkers working in the volunteer sector and in social enterprise. These projects are co-ordinated through the Volunteer Centre, and you can make contact with them here:

Visit the Volunteer Centre website

Case study: Food Science projects

The case study for this section is FOSC311 - a final year paper for Food Science students working in teams with businesses, providing product development advice. It's been very successful for both the students and the businesses involved. Find out more here:

Food Science Projects

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