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Microbiology researcherSome of the world's best innovations have come out of problem-solving and the intersection of different areas of expertise.

You have business expertise, and you may have come across a challenge or a problem that has set you thinking ... We have scientific and technical expertise; in working together we could arrive at an innovative solution!

Alternatively you may have an idea or a prototype and you want to test its ability to deliver the kind of outcomes you need. Again, the scientific skills and equipment at University of Otago's Division of Sciences may be able to take your innovation to the next level.

To make connections with the right people, we recommend you chat with a Business Development Manager in the Research and Enterprise office.

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Alternatively, you may just want to find the right expertise for yourself and make direct contact with that person. Our Expertise Database is a great starting point. If you can't find the exact area you're looking for, contact the Research and Enterprise office via the link above.

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Case Study

The Case study for this section is the development of a device to test for parasites out in the field.

Menixis case study


If you have any further enquires, please contact:

Kate Berard
Tel +64 3 244 8480

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