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2020 02 27 Anne-Marie Jackson Teaching Awards thumbnail

Anne-Marie Jackson

Dr Anne-Marie Jackson's research into Māori health and well-being focuses on supporting the hopes and aspirations of Māori communities.


Caroline Beck

I found the idea of doing curiosity-led research absolutely fascinating, and I still do.

Damian Scarf 2 thumb

Damian Scarf

"Often students who've had to struggle become the best researchers."

James Crowley thumbnail

James Crowley

“We're basically like engineers or architects, but rather than designing buildings, we're designing molecules.”


Jim Cotter

Our bodies are designed to be physically stressed says Dr Jim Cotter, lecturer in exercise and environmental physiology at the School of Physical Education.

John Tagg thumb

John Tagg

Seeking knowledge can be fun, says lecturer John Tagg. "It doesn't have to be a dreary process."

Lyall Hanton thumb

Lyall Hanton

Chemistry lecturer Lyall Hanton admits to an obsession with science from a young age.

Rebecca Campbell thumb

Rebecca Campbell

Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell's work focuses on the neural circuits that control fertility. “We examine how these circuits work normally, and also try to define whether problems in these circuits contribute to infertility.”

Tilman Davies_Statistics_Thumb

Tilman Davies

“There are all sorts of jobs these days for people who can interpret and analyse data.”

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