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Undergraduate degrees available in Sciences

Once you've completed a degree in Sciences at Otago we confidently expect you to have acquired the following attributes:

Personal attributes

  • knowledge, especially understanding of the basic principles of the [subject] discipline, and the ability to acquire new knowledge
  • the ability to assimilate information
  • computer technology skills
  • information literacy, including the ability to locate, evaluate and use information in a range of contexts
  • ability to apply the scientific process, including ability to analyse, synthesise, critique, and problem-solve
  • intellect, including skills of deductive reasoning, rigour, analysis, and the interpretation of technical material
  • willingness and the ability to learn and an appreciation of the value of life long learning
  • an appreciation of research informed learning and the excitement and potential of cutting edge research
  • organisation and time management skills
  • ability to work in a self directed manner and to form independent decisions and judgements
  • a multi-disciplinary perspective on science
  • an international perspective on knowledge
  • an awareness of the social, ethical and regulatory contexts relevant to the discipline

Interactive attributes

  • well developed oral and written communication skills
  • ability to work effectively in a team
  • ability to interact effectively with people from a wide range of backgrounds
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