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Please see information about Science related clubs, associations and societies below. For all current Clubs and Societies, please visit OUSA Clubs and Societies.

Animal Aquatic Plant Ecological Society (AAPES)

We are the student club for all things natural. While many members study some form of life science, people of all study interests and backgrounds are welcome. If you're interested in volunteering, meeting new people or getting into nature, come join us! We run a selection of events for our members such as tree plantings, documentary nights, sanctuary maintenance, glowworm walks, camps, BYO's, penguin volunteering and much much more! Keep up to date with AAPES' events on Facebook.

Visit the AAPES Otago Facebook page

Biomedical Otago Pacific Students' Association (BOPSA)

We support our Pacific Islanders in the field of Biomedical Sciences.

Visit the BOPSA Facebook page

Chemistry Students Association

We are the group on campus representing all Chemistry Majors and Minors, or just anyone with an interest in Chemistry. We host a variety of social events including BYO's, pint nights, liquid nitrogen ice-cream events and much more.

Visit the Otago University Chemistry Students Association Facebook page

Otago Computer Science Society (OCSS)

We aim to provide connections to students in Comp Sci, Info Sci and STEM. We run events such as workshops, seminars and social events to get to know others in the same field.

Visit the Otago Computer Science Society Facebook page

Otago Mathematics and Physics Students Association (OMPSA)

We are the organisation on campus representing all students in the mathematical sciences. Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computational modelling and more, if any of these sound like you then please get in touch! We host a variety of social events and professional development evenings. Potlucks and pizza nights always prove a hit and are a great way to get to know more like minded students.

Visit the Otago Mathematics and Physics Students Association Facebook page

Otago Students Geological Society (OSGS)

We are a club primarily geared towards students studying Geology (including EAOS111 and GEOL112), however, if you froth rocks, then you'll fit right in! We are a very social club, hosting regular movie/quiz nights, parties, an annual ball, and venturing on field trips across the South Island to learn about the wonders of the natural world. We are also heavily involved with scientific outreach, frequently hosting classes of both primary and high school students.

Visit the OSGS Facebook page

Otago Students' Psychology Society

We offer a range of social, wellbeing, and academic events throughout the year. This club is not just limited to psychology students. We offer a range of social events for anyone who is interested in Psychology or otherwise.

Visit the Otago Students' Psychology Society Facebook page

Otago University Nutrition Association (OUNA)

We are an exciting initiative created by nutrition students in conjunction with the Human Nutrition department with the aim of connecting fellow nutrition students by hosting a variety of social and academic events.

Visit the OUNA Facebook page

PEMA (PE Māori Association)

To encourage academic excellence of Māori Physical Education students by fostering and creating relationships across year levels, utilising Māori principles such as Tuakana/Teina.

Visit the PEMA Facebook page

SPEX Society

The School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences has always had a strong reputation for friendliness and student camaraderie. The SPEX group helps that along with a range of social events. We aim to promote sport, provide fun events to connect the year groups, and give academic support.

Visit the Otago SPEX Students Facebook page

Te Rōpu Pūtaiao (TRP)

kete woven for Sciences by Roka Ngarimu-Cameron

The objectives of Te Rōpu Pūtaiao are:

  • To create and foster relationships between Māori students in the Division of Sciences across all year levels with a particular emphasis on Māori principles such as Tuakana/Teina
  • Encourage and motivate excellence in the academic arena through the promotion of tutorials and peer support
  • To facilitate a deeper understanding of how the university system works

Membership of Te Rōpu Pūtaiao: Membership is automatic for any Māori student currently enrolled in a degree within the Division of Sciences or students enrolled in science papers.

Activities: TRP provides study space in Union Court each Friday afternoon; runs exam workshops at the end of each semester; supports the Divisional orientation for new students at the start of each semester.

Contact Mariana Te Pou for information

Visit the Te Rōpu Pūtaiao Facebook page

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