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“The struggle is real. Challenge the struggle.”

Silverline is a student-led initiative that challenges the struggle of our own mental health and well-being. It is propelled by students directing the well-being conversation that makes sense to them. It is as much a movement as it is a community.

Initially intended as a one semester experiment, Silverline has taken a life of its own. The initiative puts on unexpected and creative ways to engage everyone in the mental health and wellbeing conversation.

In Silverline's short history, the initiative has successfully put on two sell-out student wellbeing festivals, each time drawing 400 students passionate to learn more about how to support each other and themselves through challenging times. Examples of other Silverline installments include 'Bring a Bro to Yoga', which challenged stereotypes and stigmas associated with wellness activities as well as 'Fluro Fridays' that saw students chatting and sharing experiences over sunrise and surf at St Kilda beach.

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